Essential Oils

Our essential oil articles discuss their scientific origin, health benefits, possible uses, potential side effects and drug interactions. Written by qualified journalists or Dr. Axe himself, each piece is based on studies and always fact-checked.

Top 4 Antibacterial Essential Oils

If you're looking to fight bacteria, there's no better natural option than a combination of healthy foods and antibacterial essential oils. Prescribed antibiotics can make bacterial strains antibiotic resistant. In other words, synthetic forms of antibiotics ...

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The Best Essential Oils for Summer Wellness

During the summer season, essential oils can offer a refreshing and uplifting experience, and there are several essential oils for summer wellness. Here are some of the best essential oils for summer and their potential benefits: Essential ...

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Top 4 Essential Oils for Headaches

Then, of course, there's the wicked combination of a couple of those causes. If you suffer from frequent headaches and struggle to find an effective treatment, there are no shortage of natural headache remedies out there, but perhaps ...

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